Yes, I am burning sage. Bundles of sage, of course. I am a yogini. ah ha!

Really though, I am smudging and cleansing.

Clearing out my limiting thoughts and setting intention for this next chapter. The chapter in which I dive deeper into my fears, get lost in the uncertain. Expand in the ways that make my body feel nearly too small to hold my soul. Then, setting aside that time to manifest in safe spaces.

Intention matters. I used to pride myself on being that ‘go with the flow’ girl. When it comes to pizza toppings and what movie to watch, it’s all good! But, at some point, manifestation called to me for a deeper presence, and it is still calling. In setting, saying, repeating, writing, thinking intentions we road trip our way to manifestation. We align our energy of desire to dance with faith–then we can truly let go, surrender and feel content, no matter what happens. It is only after I set my intentions that true peace avails (sometimes slower than I would like, haha). Inshallah!

I am exhausted, mentally. And I am in-joy, too. The ideas, the thoughts, the events, the experiences that have collected, lately. The culmination of suggestions and desires. The supposedly coincidental run-ins (that you cannot tell me are on accident, at all). The conversations that literally echo back to me in my sleep and the whispers in the wind.

I washed my hair today. It is a ceremony every time. I have made it a ritual done (mostly) once every two weeks. I spent more than 10 minutes in the shower. I am a mom now, so that does not happen often, unless it is the day for washing. I let the water run down over me. A baptism that rinsed my uncertainties down the drain, slowly. I am kind of scared to launch. Unsure about the reception. Will people from high school think I am an imposter or will my family feel imposed upon? Gosh, I hope not.

I am a recovered people pleaser, so bare with me here. Then I remember that other people’s opinions about me are their business, not mine.

I am doing this…even amid the fear. Like I tell my yoga students. Being uncomfortable gives space for growth, and it heals parts of yourself that you never knew needed it. Yeah, those are my words. The ones I reach for every time I click publish on a post or talk with a new client for the first time or schedule an anticipated business meeting or sometimes, even when I pray. I am learning how to love and live in my life even when it is uncomfortable, while retreating back into my safe space by night–cuddled up with my lover and my baby. There is balance in that.

The intention here: To ignite mindfulness and conscious conversation in our community through yoga, health and engagement. To coach people on how to heal, transform, rise and live intentionally. To increase the quality of life by becoming more aware and loving to self and others. To create safe spaces for people who are healing. To shift the energy and perspective. To manifest desires, goals, dreams, and aspirations.

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