manifesting more through meditation in the new year

A healthy retreat

Life is noisy; we need mental rest, just as much as we need physical rest. How would you act if you spent a week without sleep? Could you function at your best? Some of us are spending weeks, months, even years, wide awake, in our thoughts, with little space for mental rest. Our minds are occupied with ideas and thoughts, almost constantly, if we do not intentionally retreat. Just as you might schedule a yearly vacation, it is important to carve out time for mindfulness vacations each day. Just five or ten minutes of mental hiatus everyday increases clarity, focus, and productivity. We deserve space to restore and nourish our mind, just as we do our body.

“True meditation is about being fully present with everything that is–including discomfort and challenges. It is not an escape from life…but preparation for being in life.”

Achieve balance

A balance of off and on, stillness and movement, activity and rest, give and take, openness and reservation, individuality and community is healthy. It gifts us variety. It allows us to inhabit the duality of being human. Meditation invites us back to the middle ground, the space between, the short pause within each breath–the inhale and exhale. On a molecular and energetic level, meditation offers us a doorway back into our home, back to ourself, back to neutrality, back to center. In stride with the times when your heart beats slower and your breath smooths out its wrinkles.
Balance is the invitation to peace.
Our true state of being–before interaction, circumstance, life on earth, communication with others, opinions, worldly imprints, trauma and comparison–is spiritual balance.

When we return there, we return home.

Overcome fears and unhealthy thought patterns

Meditation is a therapeutic method of healing. Inevitably, life circumstances get us down, sometimes. We have all experienced incidents that left us hurt and disappointed. Because of disappointment, we build barriers as a protective mechanism, yet those same fear-induced walls can also inhibit us from stepping into our purpose, fully. Limiting thoughts are a pattern, a habit; it takes intentionality to break habitual negative speech and minimizing self-talk. We all have amazing, unique talents and callings. Through meditation, we lift the veil covering the unloving parts of ourself that need self-work. In absence of denial, we identify our unreleased tension/trauma/triggers. In this state, we afford ourselves more grace. In meditation, we unpack our experiences in a way that encourages compassion and tenderness. Meditation leads our steps into beautiful, abundant visions meant specifically for each of us.

We are what we repeatedly do (think). Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Creates an altered awareness of self

Through meditation, we practice the art of observation. When we experience triggers that awaken past hurts and disappointments, there is a tendency to allow our reactive emotions the right to our following actions. In meditation, we spend time consciously and intentionally viewing our thoughts from a third-person-like vantage point. As opposed to experiencing our thoughts and emotions only as obligatory expressions that we must take action on, we can see them for what they are: reactive, sometimes illogical gateways that perpetuate pain cycles. Meditation allows us to move from a space of insight and curiosity about who we are, how we feel, how best to interact with others and what we might need.

“Learn to watch your drama unfold while at the same time knowing you are more than your drama.”

Move from a place of intention as opposed to emotion

We are designed to survive, and we have the choice to thrive. When discomfort, uncertainty and fear arise, our body is built to operate in fight or flight. In an intelligent way, our nervous system is created to protect us. Though, at times, our mind is incredibly erroneous in the way it perceives and evaluates social circumstances. Therefore, the stories our mind tells our body can be 1.) extremely exaggerative or 2.) completely untrue.
So often, we are triggered into fight or flight when there is another, better way. We truly decide more logically and effectively when we work from a space of mindfulness and meditation, as opposed to raw emotion and fear. Through meditation, we invite presence.

“Presence is a state of inner spaciousness.”

Let us manifest more in this new year. Let us step into our purpose fully. Let us find intentional time and space to be.

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