My Story

Hey there. I am Kristen Victoria Hanna–born in St. Louis, currently growing in West Texas. In the desert. Thriving and enjoying. Four years ago, I would have never imagined being in this place, but damn, it feels so good. I am the mother of the sweetest baby girl, Aniya Rose. My partner is a football coach, so we have been around!

I am a yoga student and teacher. My aspiration has and always will be to facilitate and hold space for people to heal, transform, grow, connect, and live well. I value holistic health, a practice that encompasses an entire being, body, mind, and spirit. I believe the three are tangled up in a divine, inseparable fashion, which is why I have recently started to take clients for holistic health–yoga, coaching, and nutrition.

Hit me up if you want to talk more. No matter where you are starting from, what has happened to make you want a change, what you want to change, or your uncertainty about if you can change–I got you. You are capable and I want to be there to help out.

Ultimately, when we feel good, when our cup is full, when we are eating well and moving stagnant energy, we treat ourselves well. Many dis-eases and ailments of the body can be calmed by mindfulness, awareness, consciousness and education.

What People Say

Kristen is legit! I’m currently doing private lessons with her once a week and she is so good for my soul!

Kaitlin Johnson,
Prenatal Yoga Client

Kristen is AMAZING!! She is my yoga instructor/life coach!!!

April Oglesby,
Holistic Health Client

Hi there! Now, I want to hear more about you.

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