manifesting more through meditation in the new year A healthy retreat Life is noisy; we need mental rest, just as much as we need physical rest. How would you act if you spent a week without sleep? Could you function at your best? Some of us are spending weeks, months, even years, wide awake, in our […]

where the palms and the pines intertwine: a love story

Houston, TX. November 2019. Another trip back. To abundance and grounding. The future and past. The realizations and proclamations. The shortcomings and victories. The regression and growth. A trip back to check out and simultaneously, check in and check up. It has been a long season. One with highs and lows, both career wise and […]

Dhāraṇā: focus

Dhāraṇā: holding steady, single focus, holding The importance of having a clear vision, a vocal point. The importance of telling our story to express our intention and our ‘why’. This last week has been bountiful. The universe and god have shown us blessings and abundance, again and again. Aniya’s first birthday is my first reflective […]


Yes, I am burning sage. Bundles of sage, of course. I am a yogini. ah ha! Really though, I am smudging and cleansing. Clearing out my limiting thoughts and setting intention for this next chapter. The chapter in which I dive deeper into my fears, get lost in the uncertain. Expand in the ways that […]