Blissful Birth 4-week Prenatal Yoga Session

A gentle, approachable 4-week (Jan 11-Feb 1) session designed to guide you through a peaceful, powerful pregnancy and a blissful birth 🌱

You will be guided in movement and mindful meditation to empower your pregnancy. We will discuss our experiences, stories, joyous moments, and fears.

Not local to Amarillo? Enroll in the virtual opportunity to follow along, with exclusive access to a prenatal group for connections, support, and inquisitions. You will get take-away information about preparations for a blissful birth and you will be invited to an intention-setting meditation each week.

This is the most precious time. Every woman and her baby deserve the space to navigate the many joys and changes during pregnancy, birth and motherhood. We are here for you, sister!

Empower your pregnancy and birth your baby, blissfully. Upcoming session: February 15- March 7

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