Yoga + Meditation

We hold the power to change our lives. By practicing mindfulness techniques through breath and movement, we can alter our mood, improve the way we react and interact with others, build self confidence and relearn coping mechanisms for stress. We can consult to find the practice for you. My offerings include Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Prenatal, Nidra, and Foundational Flow in one-on-one, small group, inclusive communities, and corporate settings. I also lead individual and group meditations with emphasis on Holistic Self Healing, Stress Alleviation and Intentional Living.

Health + Wellness

Food is our first medicine. We can heal our bodies through what we eat. When we eat nutrient-rich foods, we feel better and our bodies are fueled in a way that promotes energy, sustainability and longevity. Most skin, gut, weight and hormonal dis-eases can be controlled or completely suppressed through mindful eating. Consult with me about nutrition, oils, and herbs. We can devise meal plans tailored to your needs. Set up an appointment for assisted market trips, in-house prep and cooking education to better equip you on your journey.

Conscious Community

By creating conscious conversation and community engagement in safe, inclusive spaces, we encourage one another, practice vulnerability and seek positive change. World Peace and Big Love starts through inner peace and self-adoration. My intention is to facilitate a connection among open-minded people with an ability to express opinions and values with respect and love. I host inclusive, engaging events for Amarillo and Panhandle to enjoy. Contact me if you are interested in an intimate group gathering! New intention meditations and ceremonial chakra openings are fun ideas for a birthday gathering with friends.

Do you want to live more intentionally? Create community? Discover a deeper purpose?

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